3. Festival in Slovenia – The way of the HEART

This year’s Festival of Biodanza will go along the way of the HEART.

When do we follow our hearts?

We can freely follow the path of our heart when we feel being loved and being accepted and when we “fly” with a pinch of determination and also help others to breathe in and find their own way to open their hearts. Our internal freedom opens a path to dialogues, to tolerance, to compassion and to an acceptance of diversity that enriches us all.

The path of the heart is the way to inner strength, to the awareness of our value and to experiencing the beauty of everything around us. It is the path of liberating a suppressed life force, using the light of love.

This is an unstoppable driving force of biodanza, which slowly, gently, step by step, supported by a group that accepts, brings openness and possibilities that leads to oneself, to the other and to integrity, and that creates the rebirth of the essence of all living – TO MORE LIFE.

a moment at the end of the 2.festival of biodanza in Slovenia

We ourselves are the change we want to achieve in the world!

We are life and Biodanza invites us again to liberate our life once we have chosen the path of the heart.


More about the festival The way of the HEART you can find on this connection, and you can apply directly on this web application FORM.

workshop LOVE gift in Croatia – Zagreb

To honor the life deeply and intensely as an intimate gift given to us. Open up the awareness of the realization that my life, the experience of my body is a sacred act.

At this weekend of experiencing the “Love gift”, we will deeply re-establish contact with ourselves; surpass those beliefs that prevent us from perceiving ourselves as a gift of love. We will dedicate ourselves to a complete physical and psychological regeneration, and with great patience and tenderness awaken our personal temple of life, from where our life power is derived. The power through which we are faced with challenges and with which we can live a full life, just as it is.

8.,9. december 2018 in city of Zagreb

workshop will be lead by Nataša Kern in english and translated to croatian language.

MORE about LOVE gift

What is biodanza?

Biodanza is a way for a better human integration. It also helps to reconnect with yourself and feel more clearly what you want in your life, what you want to do with your life and with whom you want to live it.

Biodanza helps us to find our way back to ourselfs with a help of a group, dinamics, movement, feelings …

Feel free to join us … anywhere on this lovely planet.