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2B in sLOVEnija festival: CREATE your WAY

September 28, 2018 - September 30, 2018

WELCOME to the 2nd festival of biodanza in Slovenia

The life of each person is at any moment an act of creation.

Rolando Toro Araneda


  2B festival PROGRAM and teachers

Our creativity is a very personal force that can be developed and expressed throughout our life. Creativity shows itself in the expressed LIFE OF EACH ONE of us.

Therefore, this year’s 2nd biodanze festival will be dedicated to PROMOTING CREATIVE POTENTIALS. That you will be able to transform things that are “stuck in a place”, that don’t move/change anywhere… In order to enter the CHANGE in the area we need, we will bring in the greater dose of start-up, energy and lightness to engage the forse of creation. And in what way? – in our authentic way. To create such a lifestyle where we feel and live more life and that excite us.

How to achieve this?

Get out of frames.

      Be more daring.

           To face the unknown – with the courage.

                  Accept also your wild nature.

                          To feel the potentials in your blood

 And finally to ACTIVATE in actions!

Do you realize that your “New Year” can start on any day of the year?

Creativity is unique to every individual. It is necessary to feel your courage, a bit of boldness and also the sensibility to create our desired reality. As in everyday activities, as in relationships, as well as in the inklings (hunches) we feel on the horizon. To enter with the body and soul into the unexplored areas of our life HERE and already NOW – to experience yourself AS CREATORS OF LIFES.

Let’s have a weekend full of incentives for change, novelty and renewal of our lifes.

At the end of the festival, you will have RENOVATED CREATIVE ENTHUSIASM,

which will be transferred to your living environment.

It’s really worth it – give yourself a chance to make a real change.

HOW WE DO IT? – method of work

With a movement, feeling based system named biodanza, we create a space full of positive ecofactors (positive incentives from movement, music, the environment, present people, from ourselves …), where we become more aware of ourselves (self-dynamic), we recognize behavior in relationships (group-dynamic) and our attitude towards life.

With the methodology of EXPERIENCES (“vivencias”), which incorporates all our psycho-physical existence, the forgotten lessons is reborn into us: that our life is the CREATION and that we are at the same time CREATORS and CREATIONS of life.

Artwork is always an expression of life or in other words:


  Weekend program will be prepared by:

Alenka Poljšak

Alenka Blazinšek

Klavdija Lutman

Mojca Tavčar

Nataša Kern

Evandro Oliveira

Rodrigo Toro Sanchez

teachers on the festival
Looking forward to SEE and FEEL YOU in september – in Slovenia.

2B in sLOVEnija festival
Institution “Zavod Ars Sensus” and the team

PRICE for the 3 day festival program is 125€.

Please FIRST fill in the application form and than confirm your reservation with the payment of 50€ (per one registered person) to the account of the Institute named “Zavod Ars Sensus”, address: Pangršica 10, 4204 Golnik, Country: Slovenia, which is opened at the bank “Delavska hranilnica d.d. Ljubljana”, address: Miklošičeva 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Country: Slovenia, account number: SI56 61000-0017697803, SWIFT BIC CODE: HDELSI22.

Reservation of ACCOMMODATION:

– please arrange it on your own directly to the hotel “Hotel Rute”, in place named “Gozd Martuljek”. Just write to the hotel e-mail: info@hotelrute.si with an annotation: BIODANZA SLOVENIJA. At the time of registration to hotel let them know the name of person you will share the room. Price for our festival per person per day (three meals included) is 33€. Rooms are for 2,3,4 and 6 people. For the festival you need 2 days reservation: 28.-30.9.2018

All other information – just write to rezervacije@biodanza.si. Thank you.

…and feel welcome to come to Slovenia’s festival of biodanza.


September 28, 2018
September 30, 2018

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