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workshop “LOVE gift” in Zagreb, Croatia

December 8, 2018 - December 9, 2018

To honor the life deeply and intensely as an intimate gift given to us. Open up the awareness of the realization that my life, the experience of my body is a sacred act. Each of us has the opportunity, through an intimate experience of one’s self, one another … to awaken the potentials, the powers that renew life, both physically and psychologically.

At this weekend of experiencing the “Love gift”, we will deeply re-establish contact with ourselves; surpass those beliefs that prevent us from perceiving ourselves as a gift of love. We will dedicate ourselves to a complete physical and psychological regeneration, and with great patience and tenderness awaken our personal temple of life, from where our life power is derived. The power through which we are faced with challenges and with which we can live a full life, just as it is.


The biology of human contact is very complex, as it interferes with the giving and receiving of stimuli, and creates feedback. This creates responses at all levels of our organism (cognitive, neuro-vegetative, immune and endocrine). The contact enables the connection with the energy of life, which nature is cosmic.

A body encounter may be the most transcendent ritual of living. It creates new energy, which has a different quality from individual energy and causes deep transformations in the individual.

Our skin is the threshold to wonderful secrets. The skin task is not just of separating but also uniting. In a touch full of brush-energy, the creative flow of life energy, which creates, connects and encourages the emergence of even more life, is reflected.

A SILENT LANGUAGE OF THE LOOKS can lead to ecstasy. In this exchange of gentle light, time no longer exists – it is only infinity. Emmanuel Levinas described the essential link that appears when looking into eachother’s eyes. Through the look, two holiness of two different human beings, are connected. Together they reach the highest ecstasy, complete revelation. We do not need words to express passion. The look may reflect a longing or a desire for tenderness.

Our weekend in Zagreb will be a time for deep journey through the gifts of life, brought by a kind, honest attitude towards yourself, and affection for other humans. To be on a active journey with biodanza will refresh us with the juice (elixir) of life in which we will dive-in and strengthen for the time to come.

Info and registration:

Jana Žufić, jana@ars.polis.hr, Croatia

Early birds till 25.11.2018: price 75€, later 100€ for 2 days workshop

T: +385 (0)91 1860 514


December 8, 2018
December 9, 2018

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